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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets forth the data practices and your privacy on the "Livesubs - Real Time Subscribers" website located at (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

We assume that by accessing this Site, you accept this Policy. Do not continue to use Livesubs if you do not agree to accept everything stated on this page.

In Human Language

The full terms and conditions are below, but we've put together a few key points to make it easier to read.

  • We automate the display of publicly available data such as subscriber counters and other metrics. We do not accept requests to delete this data and can only advise you to limit the privacy of your profile in the right service so that the data is no longer publicly available.
  • We do not store data permanently, but may use caching technologies to optimize the speed of the Site.
  • The Site services are free of charge. But we may display some advertising to cover the costs of maintaining the Site (domain name, server and third-party system costs).
  • We use cookies. Just like the rest of the internet. A cookie only contains technical information so that the site can function correctly.

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General Terms and Conditions

This Privacy Policy describes how the Site collects, uses and shares information from visitors to the website.

This Privacy Policy becomes effective at the time it is posted. The Site may amend it at any time and for any reason without notice to users. The date of the most recent edits to this page will be updated.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

The Site has multiple language versions, so it uses cookies to store information about the specific language of your browser.

The Site uses a third-party system to analyze visits to the website, which respects privacy and complies with all GDPR requirements.

Data Sources

All data you may find on the Site are publicly available information. They are collected from various publicly available sources and then processed and displayed in specific ways to carry out the main functionality of the Site - to show real-time counters of subscribers and other metrics. For each of the counters presented on the Site, the corresponding APIs of these services are used.

The Site stores some received counters for a short period of time (no more than a week) as a cache to optimize access to third-party resources in case of increased traffic.

We cannot remove or restrict the data that the Site displays, as the data is collected from publicly available sources and is available to unauthorized users as well. If you want the Site to stop displaying your account statistics on any of the services provided, change the privacy settings on that service so that the profile becomes private.

Data sources for YouTube and the policy for handling this data

The site uses YouTube API Services

How data is used, stored and processed

Livesubs uses publicly available data about YouTube channels: number of subscribers and videos. The data is used in real time with the possibility of caching for no more than 7 days. The data is only used on the servers of the service without being transferred to third parties.

How data is transferred to third parties

The data is not transferred to third parties and is used only on the service server.

Last modified: Monday, May 20, 2024.