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TikTok Subscribers in real time

The real-time counter will show the number of followers, subscriptions, likes and number of videos on your or any other TikTok account. Unlike the regular TikTok site, where numbers can be rounded, our tool shows them in a real and accurate way. Plus, you don't have to keep manually refreshing the page - the Livesubs counter shows everything in real time.

How to start tracking the number of TikTok followers

To do this, enter your account's nickname (something that usually comes after @) in the search box. Make sure you enter the correct username. After that, the site will automatically start a counter of followers, subscriptions, likes and published videos.

Also, make sure the account you are looking for is public and not private.

Beautiful Livesubs stats

Our service has a flawless and customizable design - choose any color and hide unnecessary elements. You will get beautiful screenshots of your TikTok account reaching a new milestone of subscribers. Share with your friends, on your social networks!

You can also place a widget with the site in your live broadcast. For example, via OBS.

Is Livesubs accurate?

Absolutely! Livesubs is 100% accurate as it gets all the data directly from TikTok.

Is it safe to use the counter?

Completely safe. You don't need to register or log in to your account, Livesubs only displays publicly available data. No risk to your account.

Other questions and contacts

If something doesn't work, or you have questions/ideas about the project, you can contact our support in Telegram -

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