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VK (VKontakte) community subscribers in real time

With Livesubs service you can watch how fast your or any other VK community is gaining members. Our counter updates every few seconds, showing the number in real time. It's the perfect tool for anyone who wants to track their audience growth and wants to share those gains with their subscribers and viewers.


You can keep track of your audience size in VKontakte itself, but you have to constantly refresh the page or screen in the app. Livesubs does it for you - the number is always up to date on the screen. In addition, you can watch not only your own communities, but also any other without authorization - you don't need a VK account.

Live Streams

You can embed a website (like OBS) into your stream and show your community stats to your viewers. How nice will it be to celebrate a new milestone with them?

The design and layout of our service is customizable - choose your favorite color from the offered ones.

Our service is visually appealing with screenshots, which are especially nice to share. When your community reaches a new milestone of subscribers, you can take a screenshot and showcase this event on your social networks or other platforms.

How to Start a Group Subscriber Counter

Enter the community link, short name or ID in the search box. Or click on one of the suggested popular groups that our users follow. The group must be public - you can't display a counter for a private community.

Other questions and contacts

If something doesn't work, or you have questions/ideas about the project, you can contact our support in Telegram -

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