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Why do you need real-time YouTube subscribers?

Initially, YouTube updated the number of channel viewers with a huge delay, which is why this site was created in 2016. Then YouTube started rounding the number of subscribers for everyone except the channel owner. The situation remains the same now. Livesubs' special algorithms can display the real number of subscribers for most popular channels.

Livesubs is a convenient and beautiful way to monitor YouTube subscribers in real-time with additional functionality. The service shows the total number of views and videos on the channel without delay, and also automatically calculates the nearest milestone number (goal) of viewers.

For example, you can follow the subscribers of the most popular bloggers in the world, such as MrBeast or T-Series. And stay in the loop with others who are tracking how many people are subscribed to MrBeast.

How to launch the YouTube subscriber counter?

Enter the channel link, channel ID (usually starts with UC), or a short name, such as @Coachella — the channel will be found with 100% certainty.

Why Livesubs?

Fast performance
Get up-to-date data instantly. Just enter the channel's nickname, and you'll see the counter in the channel in a few seconds.

Real-time updates
You won't have to refresh the page — the screen always shows the current value.

Beautiful and customizable design
Share screenshots of your victories or the new round number of subscribers of your favorite blogger — the Livesubs design looks flawless!

Counter not working

The site's operation depends on YouTube itself, so sometimes there may be minor unforeseen errors. Try refreshing the page in a few minutes — usually, the errors disappear by that time.

If it doesn't get better — contact us. We'll figure everything out and try to fix it!

Other questions and contacts

If something doesn't work, or you have questions/ideas about the project, you can contact our support in Telegram -

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